Best Team Building Activities for Team Events in Italy

Team events & Team building activities are an important part of every company. Team building activities are an integral part for creating successful team culture – a culture that enables your worker to contribute more than they ever thought possible – together.

Team building in Italy allows your team to have a necessary distance from office routine and distance from business life. Italy offers many benefits such as a beautiful landscape, most charming locations, great food and a vast selection of outdoor activities during many months of the year. Beautiful sceneries and ideal locations allow the necessary change of perspective and guarantee successful team building events.

Our top 3 team building activities in Italy

1.) Vintage car tours to strengthen your team

Enjoy with us unforgettable vintage car tours through Northern Italy and Tuscany. Create unforgettable memories with your team while driving on the famous Mille Miglia route and enjoy great food on the Lake Garda, Siena or in the Chianti region. You can choose between different vintage cars such as the Alfa Romeo Duetto or the Triumph Spitfire.  Our tour will be completely tailor-made to your needs in lengths and budget.

2.)   Cooking for a better team spirit

Italy is famous for it’s delicious food, fresh ingredients and best wines. With our corporate cooking classes your team will have fun and enjoy effective team building in Italy. Our professional chefs will show you how to cook typical Italian pasta, meets and delicious desserts. For more fun in your team we can also arrange cooking races.

4.) Wine tours for great team experiences

Discover wine harvesting and the secrets of fantastic Italian wines in Italy. Our wine tours are offered from the famous Piemonte region to the Island of Sicily. Learn about wine production and wine harvesting directly in the winery. Tours are offered from northern Italy to Sicily. Participating in the harvesting of wine grapes and wine tasting sessions will be a highlight of your team event.

Team building in Italy is an unforgettable and unique experience for you and your team. Common experiences will strengthen your team for coming challenges. Just contact us for an unconditional tailor-made offer according to your individual needs.

Best Team Building Activities for Team Events in Italy