Eat better, live better – that is the message of Eataly, an Italian high-end foot market chain which has become quite popular during the past few years. In January 2007, the Italian businessman Oscar Farinetti opened the first store in Turin. In the following years, more and more Eataly stores were opened, not only in Italian cities like Rome, Genova or Milan, but all over the world. There is for example a big store in New York City, which was opened in 2010. Further, there are Eataly locations in Chicago, Istanbul, Dubai and Japan.

“Eataly is about eating Italian food, living the Italian way”

The aim of Eataly, which is sponsored by Slow Food, is to introduce a new way of distributing agricultural products: making high-quality products available to everyone. From the very beginning, they tried to create a direct relation between producers and distributors which made it possible to sell high quality products at affordable prices. However, the Eataly locations are not only grocery stores – they comprise a variety of restaurants, food and beverage stations, bakeries and retail items.

Eataly Milan Smeraldo

If you plan a trip to Milan for example, Eataly Milan Smeraldo is a nice place to visit. Be it as a nice shopping experience, as part of your city tour or as location for a relaxed lunch with your employees. Apart from a huge food market it has a number of various little restaurants. From pasta and pizza over fish, meat, vegetables, sausages and cheese up to chocolate, ice cream and coffee:  if you are looking for a nice and comfortable Italian restaurant, Eataly is always a good choice. In addition, Eataly Milan Smeraldo provides a congress center and offers cooking classes and vine tastings. Like this, it is also a good choice for business events, exciting team buildings or employee incentives in Milan.