Event Venues on Expo 2015

An exhibition surface of more than one square kilometer, 142 participating countries from all over the world and around 20 million expected visitors – the Universal Exposition 2015 in Milan is going to be one of the most important events of the following year. A visit of the Expo is not only the ideal incentive; the huge expo area offers also perfect locations for exclusive events:

For big events, the Open Air Theater, which provides 4000 seats or a standing capacity of 8000, is most suitable. From May to August, it will host the show of Cirque du Soleil, in September and October however, it is disposable for events.

Another popular location will be the Auditorium. It provides a stage, can be designed very individually and is able to host 1300 people.

Further, there is the Expo Conference Centre, which consists of two halls. The bigger one has a capacity of 500 seats, but it can also be divided into two separate rooms with 300 seats each. The second hall provides space for 360 (or 2 x 200) people.

Also seven of the nine Cluster Pavilions, which host several countries without a proper pavilion, offer a number of event locations with various capacities.

All the pavilions of the several countries are located along the 1.6 km long and 35 m broad “Main Street”. This street can be used for flashmobs, parades or other.

In addition, the Expo offers also very nice locations for Open Air events: there are two big squares with around 230 m² each, which are for instance suitable for events with artists or musicians.

Further, also the participating countries which have their own pavilion, are organizing events that will be listed in the official Expo schedule. Some of those countries will put a part of their pavilion at third parties’ disposal. Agreements like that have been made with Qatar, Belgium, France and Ireland as well as with the pavilion of the KIP International School so far.

Last but not least there is the former Triulza farm, which has been transformed into a pavilion for organizations of the civil society. It provides an auditorium with 200 seats, two halls with 50 and 100 seats and a huge courtyard with an area of 1.700 m².