MICE destination Milan is getting ready for the EXPO 2015 

The bustling and vibrant northern Italian city is getting ready for EXPO 2015 and becoming on of the most attractive destination for meetings and conventions in Italy. A beautiful mix of historical buildings, modern lofts, reconverted factories and modern skyscrapers turn Milan into one of the most fashionable, interesting and vital cities in Europe.

With major attractions like the famous opera La Scala, museums, fairs, fashion shows and nightlife Milan is a vibrant European town. Milan is the heart of the Italian economy and with ten universities also the most important research centre in Italy.

Milan & Congress Centres

Milan offers one of the largest conference halls in Europe with around 18 000 seats, 70 rooms and a hall for up to 4000 people.
Milan offers a vast variety of event venues. The largest event venues offers space for around 10 000 people.

Other event venues in Milan are reconverted factory halls, railway stations, private villas, university lecture halls private villas, theaters or modern lofts. Milan offers around 400 event locations.  Modern or antique showrooms can be find right in the heart of the city center, the fashion districts, Brera or close to the Milan fairground ROH or the Milan convention centre MICO.

A vast variety of fantastic day trip opportunities:
Fantastic day trips opportunities around Milan offer fantastic and unforgettable off-site events. Visitors and guests can be taken to the beautiful Lake Como, the ancient city of Bergamo or Pavia. Famous fashion outlets offer a real shopping paradise. For the EXPO 2015 around 21 million visitors are expected. The infrastructures like public transport are being modernized. Milan is getting ready for the EXPO 2015 with a sum of over 2,5 billion Euros, invested in the cities infrastructure.

Milan & Hotel Accommodation

Milan offers perfect hotel accommodation with around 30 000 rooms and about 650 hotels.

Getting there: Milan

Milan has three international airports and daily international flights to all major cities of the world. The airports are in easy reach from the city center, fairgrounds and congress centers.

Milano continues its developments and growths, with the area around the avant-guard Isola district and many other urban developments. The old city is meeting the Milano and getting ready for the Expo 2015.

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