Milan Expo 2015: The German Pavilion

„Fields of ideas“: The German pavilion offers the visitors of Milan Expo 2015 a journey across Germany’s most fertile landscapes: the way through the pavilion presents a number of various ideas and solutions which should support sustainability and respect towards nature.

The concept of the German pavilion – “nature is inspiring” – embodies the central theme of Milan Expo 2015 and focuses on the nature as the most important origin of nutrition. In order to guarantee a provision of foods in the future, the nature has to be protected and sustainably dealt with.  The aim of the German pavilion is to present Germany as a pleasant country which offers a huge variety of products.

The design of the German pavilion

With an exhibition surface of 4933 square meters, the German pavilion is the biggest area within the whole expo ground. Its design is inspired by huge agricultural areas and meadows full of flowers: slightly sloping landscapes characterize its structure and are supposed to remind of the hillsides that are found in the German countryside. Moreover the German pavilion provides an area with free access and a themed exhibition which is located in the interior of the pavilion.

Further, there are a number of plants that are sprouting through the ground of the pavilion – like ideas, which evolve, grow and continue to spread more and more. They form a canopy for the visitors connecting the interior with outdoor areas. Organic forms build a fertile ground for ideas.  Also the structure of the pavilion serves for an exhibit item of creative and sustainable solutions for the future: modern design combined with traditional materials whereby space, resources and technology are used in a rational way. The key material of the pavilion is domestic wood and is supposed to remind of respectful handling with renewable resources. The energy efficient façade which provides natural ventilation assures comfortable temperatures in the entire area.

Every visitor of the pavilion is given a mobile device which allows discovering the way through the pavilion interactively. The materials illustrate all the various projects, solutions, ideas and insights that show what can be done in order to protect those materials for the future.

A visit of Milan Expo 2015 is the perfect incentive for employees. Moreover the expo grounds offer a huge number of exceptional locations that are perfectly suited for unique customer or business events.