The World’s Most Requested Event Destinations: Italy Ranks In The First Places

This is the conclusion of the destination management company Pacific World after an analysis of requests and inquiries of its international customers in the last years, the company tells us why Italy is considered to be such an attractive country for events and which decisive criteria are significant for their choice.

According to the Destination Management Company, there are ten key characteristics by which a destination for business events – such as conferences, meetings or conferences – is selected:

1. Entry Visa: Destinations that do not require an entry visa are always preferred.

2. Accessibility: The better and more numerous flight connections and a well-developed transportation network the destination offers, the more it increases the demand in this destination for corporate events: the best example of this is Milano  – as  the fair capital of Italy and the host of the this year’s EXPO – which has the necessary infrastructure and a well-developed transportation system as well as first-class hotels and a great variety of venues for events – as experts in event management, we offer our clients a complete service with fair catering as well as individual and customized services for corporate events.

3. Reinvention Of Destination: The destinations reinvent themselves by resorting to their traditional cultural and scenic attractions and repurpose them as new hotels and locations for events – the mix of classic and modern enhances the attractiveness of the destination. Our specialists for event management in Italy have in their portfolio unique venues for memorable workshops, product launches or customer evenings in Italy.

4. Corporate Offices And Manufacturing Facilities: Countries with the headquarters of international firms or production centers of the company are frequently chosen as an event destination. This offers the possibility to combine next to meetings and conferences also tours to the business premises – especially in the Asian region a popular trend. Italy scores by all people in the world with its focus on the textile industry and fashion.

5. International Hotels: International hotel chains are always interesting for the clients of events, because they convey a sense of security and trust: the major hotel chains have recognized it and invest in destinations that are attractive for companies and their events. Italy offers with its cities as Milan, Bologna or Turin a high number of internationally famous and quality hotels with first class comfort and various facilities for meetings, conferences or evening events.

6. Safety: The capacity of competent local contact persons for the planning and the realization of the event as well as a high degree of transparency about the conditions and circumstances of the destination play a major role.

7. Exclusivity: Destinations with unique monuments and locations, inaccessible to the public, which can be exclusively used as a venue for events are in high demand – no wonder that Italy appears so attractive with its impressive historical and cultural buildings for corporate events.

8. Great Events: Great Events – whether in sports, politics or culture – automatically generate high interest for the destination. Milan will host the Expo this year and this creates an enormous amount of international attention and increased interest of the city.

9. Return Of Luxury: The requirements for unique and memorable events in a luxurious atmosphere increases more and more – destinations that meet these requirements are clearly preferred.

10. The Reputation: The reputation and the ideas and opinions about a destination are a crucial factor. Companies such as Destination Management Company will contribute to convey the image of a destination and also to modify it.

11. Fairs: International trade shows of various industrial areas determine to a large extent the number of corporate events, because they often occur product launches, customer and export events in addition to the traditional trade fair activities. In Italy, Milan is one of the major trade fairs leader and attracts annually thousands of companies from all over the world.

 Italy convinces in every aspect to be the perfect destination for unique and memorable corporate events such as conferences, meetings, conferences, product launches, customer evenings or incentives.

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